Welcome! Thank you for your interest in doing business with AMP Equipment.  Whether you are interested in a cash rental, or you are interested in opening a credit account with us, you will need to begin by completing some paperwork.

Please begin by downloading the New Customer Package. You will need to complete 
and return the Customer Information Sheet, and signed copies of the Credit Card Authorization & Guarantee, and Rental Agreement. These forms are grouped together in a .pdf file, located in the pull-down menu under the New Customers menu header. You will also need to provide proof of Insurance, and furnish proper Identification. Insurance requirements may be waived on small rentals, to those with a valid credit card on deposit, subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. If you don't have insurance, and are looking to purchase a temporary policy, you might try web sites such as InsureMyRentals.com or BuyMyInsuranceNow.com

Our payment terms are Net 10.  First-time customers are required to pay upon receipt of equipment, unless otherwise agreed to in advance by AMP Equipment. Delinquent accounts will be assessed a 1.75% late fee, (21% APR) subject to a $25 minimum. Credit card orders will be accessed a 2.75% processing fee. 

If you need a W-9 from us, please download one from the pull-down 
menu under the New Customers heading.

AMP Equipment will include all crew labor charges related to your job on our invoice. I
f your job is a "union" job, and you are using a payroll service such as Entertainment Partners, or Capps, and you are under contract to pay the labor portion of our invoice as loan-out company, you can download a copy of our Certificate of Incorporation as a Limited Liability Company, and a copy of our IRS approval letter for form 2553 (recognizing our status as an "S-Corporation") from the pull-down menu.

Labor compensation through any payroll service, for any job, must equal the compensation for the same labor rates and hours normally charged by AMP Equipment, unless a specific rate or pay scale
 is agreed to prior to the work being performed.

The state of Oklahoma provides some of the highest film rebates in the country. Eligible projects may apply for either a Sales Tax Exemption or Rebate, or for an Expenditures Rebate on overall production expenses. Examples of the rebate forms are also available in the pull-down menu.

The current Expenditures Rebate rate is set at 35%, and can extend as high as 37% if specific post-production requirements are meet.  For application information, requirements, restrictions, and current funding availability, please check with the Oklahoma Film & Music Commission and/or the Tulsa Film & Music Commission.

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