AMP Equipment has the largest inventory of Grip, Lighting, Electric, Audio and Camera support equipment for film and video production in Oklahoma. No other company even comes close!  

Whether you just need to rent an Astra6x and a Zoom recorder for a talking-head interview, or you need an experienced D.P. with a 4k RED camera package and a full crew, grip truck and generator package for your next feature film, we're the "go to" guys.

Our grip / lighting vehicle options range from a compact 3/4-ton Van, to 1-ton, 3-ton, and 5-ton packages. You can download any of our itemized truck equipment lists from the pull-down menu under the Equipment header. All vehicles MUST be driven by an AMP Equipment approved technician, and their labor services will be included on AMP's invoice. Grip/Driver rates start at $450 per day for 10 hours, and increase according to the skill level requested by clients (i.e. Grip, Key Grip, Gaffer). 

You can also download a Price Sheet from the pull-down menu, which gives a brief pricing overview on many of our other popular rental items.

We recently added several new High-Bright, Sunlight readable monitors to our inventory, further expanding on our inventory of support items such as dollies, jib arms, sliders, shoulder mounts, tripods and monitors.

Our Generator options range from small portable Honda generators, to 20kw and 60kw crystal-sync sound-blimped tow plants, and a truck-mounted drivable Crawford 60kw/500 amp generator.

In addition to our extensive tungsten and HMI lighting inventory, we also have a wide array of specialty lighting products, including Chimera soft banks, 
Kino Flo fixtures, Bi-color LED lighting, V2.0 6-Lite Barger-BagLite and the new Roscoe LitePads.

When it comes to your Expendable needs, we've got you covered. We are an authorized dealer for LEE Filters, and we maintian an inventory of filter gels - from Diffusions (opal, 252, 251, 250, 216, ¼ grid, ½ grid, and full gridcloth) and Color Correction filters in 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 and Full (CTO’s, CTB’s, PlusGreens, MinusGreens), and Neutral Density gels – ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, and 85/ND.6.  We also sell Color Effects filters, and specialty products like Reflection Media,High Temperature filters, Heat Shield and Blackwrap.

We also stock foamcore, 2” gaffer tape, 1” camera tape, paper tape, double-sided tape, dulling spray, C-47’s, WD-40, silicon spray, spray adhesive, sash cord, showcard, hemp rope, etc.

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